New Member Introductions


Hi from Wyoming. I’m just getting started and look forward to learning. Thank you!


@wrw2018 Hey welcome!


Hi I’m new here and it looks awesome so far!


Hi I’m new here and so far it seems awesome. I recently built a coal forge and I have no idea how to light it. Can anyone help me?


Hi, my name is John and I live in southern New Hampshire. I have been interested in blacksmithing my entire life and never found the opportunity. I am now 43 and trying to get started. Can someone recommend a part of this forum where I can begin to learn?


Hi guys Just starting out.


Got twin propane burners running,Just building a forge from an old gas tank and 50mm blanket.


Anvil is a Christmas present from the wife.Looking forward to manipulating some metal.


Jimbo Somerset England.


Hey everyone! I just started a couple months ago. A very nice smith got me into it. This seems like a site with nice folks, no je


New on here from Ohio. Just getting started with forge tools and anvil my son got me.


Welcome @Dbarker! Glad to have you around.


Welcome @Hux! Glad to have you around.


@Jimbo Nice! Can’t wait to see some of your work.



Letter opener ,poker and tongs for my first 3 projects.


Hey everyone, new smith here