What is illegal to make?

I’m fairly new to this whole game, and in effort to teach myself the craft I’m making a “to make” list that should easily cover the next two years of self lessons.
But that includes blade projects. Weapons/tools and such.
So im just curious, does anyone have a comprehensive list of things/blades/weapons that are actually illegal to own/make in the United Kingdom?
This ranges to anything that can feasibly be made in a forge.

It must be horrible to live in a country where your own government doesn’t trust you with knives! Tyranny plain and simple.

mostly all things are legal to make just not to carry or sell ive made a few knifes and and stuff like that your fine just dont take them outside your property


I agree with @ABYSS99, the legality of items made depends on the use or display of such

That’s the truth right there

i mean its sad coz of all the laws it almost killed the bladesmithing trade but i give mine away as gifts and they gift me the money hahaha