What do YOU do for ventilation in your blacksmith shop?

So what do you guys do for ventilation?

During welding?

During forging?

For me… while welding, I basically have a big furnace fan on wheels right next to my welding station and pointed out an open door, with an opposite window open. I also use a P100 pancake style air filters too.

For forging I don’t really do much but open the do or every now and again…

I was looking at maybe investing in some good Torit (https://www.killerfilter.com/p148646-461-340-donaldson-torit-filter.html) filters so I can keep some of the heat in the shop while filtering the air, but I’m not sure how well of a job that would hold up.


Oh… I should mention that I’m in Minnesota, USA… which we’ve seen some -9 degree F weather this week, so having a window/door open all the time isn’t an option for me :wink:

i put a furnace fan mounted to the peak wall of attic in the shop built a box around it and plumbed 6 inch ducting to any area i do vapor heavy work with dampers at the open ends i flip a switch then open a damper over my imedate area works great

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