Welcome to Blacksmith Forums! Please read.

Welcome to Blacksmith Forums!

We are excited to have you join the community. Blacksmith Forums is the virtual home for blacksmiths, metalworkers, and advocates of the craft worldwide. Here is where we share with each other our experiences, learning, and work in order to grow ourselves and our beloved craft.

You may have a few questions as to who, or rather what, the purpose of Blacksmith Forums is. This post will hopefully provide some of that insight for you.

Meanwhile, if you are looking to dive right in, and by all means we want you to, click here on New Member Introductions post and tell us a little about yourself.

What is Blacksmith Forums?
First and foremost, as the name suggests, Blacksmith Forums is a collaborative group of metal workers. Whether you are a professional, hobbyist, or just interested in the craft we welcome all walks here.

Who is Blacksmith Forums?
Blacksmith Forums is more or less the community as a whole. Behind the scenes is a small administration group who run and operate the website. With our years of experience in web development and desire to grow the craft of metalworking, we hope to make a unique web presence that suits the needs of our community.

Aren’t there other sites that already do the same thing?
Yes! There definitely are. We are not trying to drive a wedge into fellow communities here. However, some things will set Blacksmith Forums apart from other communities. Most notably, we will not claim copyright over any of your written published materials, images, or content. These, we believe, are owned by the original creater.

Additionally, we have the experience in web development to offer new and exciting features. Some ideas for features we have are user shops, where users can manage an inventory and sell to others, as well as Blacksmith Group pages and calendars for class scheduling, information, and so forth.

Why not combine forces with other groups?
If it were simply that easy, we definitely would! There are a number of reasons why it is difficult. We all know the proverb “Too many irons in the fire”, and sometimes and especially in this case, it is easy to start with a clean slate. Providing a web presence that works on all devices, whether it is a tablet, phone, small netbook, or your computer is quite a large task. This would require many existing sites a very large overhaul. In our case, we started with those devices in mind.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us either through email at admin@blacksmithforums.com or through a forum message.

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