Wanting to get started

Im wanting to build my first forge and im just looking for some pointers. Maybe some material ideas design ideas. hoping to just start blacksmithing as a hobby. Been really interested in it and have been but limited to start because of my age and lack of money now that im 21 i wanna start working with metal small projects to start, small knives and things. So any info provided would be most beneficial thanks :smiley:

This is an inexpensive way to get started. I’d use fire brick ($1 ea at home depot) instead of the adobe though if you plan to run coal/coke in it. I have the one he built in the link and ran it for a while on charcoal but wanted to run coke. I plugged a hair dryer into the air inlet and put a ball valve on the other side to regulate air flow. Works like a champ.

allensonarmory.blogspot.com/2014 … forge.html

Forgot to mention, I blocked off the air holes in the half closest to the blower to leave only 9" or so of air blast. Most smiths have a hard time working more than that in 1 heat anyway

I have been working on 2 forges but I will have to use either charcoal or wood because I don’t have access to coal. One is a brake drum which will have to use charcoal because the wood burns to quick. the other I haven’t used yet but it is made for wood use, it is made from an old grill which I will be lining with fire brick and I have a steel pipe running thru the center with several holes along the pipe and I have a blow dryer for a bellow and I am working on an old furnace for permanent use. This is just a hobby for now so I am taking my time experimenting with it.


I have found a website called TimelessMetal.com that offers an apprenticeship program and you can learn and sell your items at the same time. They will spend time answering your questions and providing you with guidance and design tips.

They also have a classifieds page with tons of tool listings. Check them out at www.timelessmetal.com

As far as the basic tools. You need a small gas forge ($100-300), Block of steel (4"X4" or Bigger), a hammer (2-4lb.) and some metal to heat and form.

Good Luck! Keep it simple and make money!!

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