Wanted: Ratcheting Arbor Press

Hello guys,
I have been absent from the forum awhile now, due to to the insanity that is graduate school. I have about 30 projects going, all partially done, lol. I have delved into machining and been setting that up. I am in the process of restoring a large Thermolyne heat treat muffle furnace to use for both smithing and tool steel heat treatment. The two hobbies have a surprising overlap, though not from a purist, traditional standpoint.
I am looking for a Famco, Dake or Greenerd ratchetng press, like a 4 or 5C. In other words, a large one for broaching and pressing bearings, pressure fits, driving off drill chucks, etc., with lots of daylight over the plate.
If anyone is in CA. and has one they want to sell, please advise. They are too expensive to crate and ship, heavy. I am getting rid of some woodworking equipment now and making room.
Sorry I haven’t ben more active