Twisting wrench

So funny story, I wanted to get an old adjustable wrench for twists, I went and looked on ebay looking for ones that didn’t look like they had been beat up, chose one on that idea, never looked at the size…um yeah, I can now twist 3" x 2" stock! This one was 18" long the biggest one I have seen! Most of these wrenches came from model T tool kits and were 6-8 inches long.

This is a blue post it note next to it!

That is beautiful! Great wrench!

You just need a nice twisted bar on the other end, little taper and a simple hook, welded to the end there and you are set.

You got this one on ebay? I’ve been really wanting one, but haven’t looked much into pricing yet… Mind if I ask what these ballpark for on ebay?

Yeah, I saw most of them in the $25-30 range one was 15"- this one 18", both were about the same price, I thought it was a fair price…

Some tools like that an extra $5 is worth not having to chase around for them…I am on call 24-7 at my campground so leaving can be problematic.

Definitely - I need to get a larger wrench, I have a small one that I have a pipe on the other end for. Works pretty good but it has it’s limitations.

You convinced me to check out eBay for one… I’ll have to post a photo of it when I find it!

Sent you a pm with links!

Ever want one of something but then you end up with 7? Happened to me!

Whoops! Just couldn’t pass up $44 for the lot! I’ll save a few of them for myself, then clean up the others and see how they go on ebay :slight_smile:


Nice! Need a wrench end up with a pile!

That’s a fine collection, nonetheless. :smiley:

Thanks Jules! Yeah it was too hard to pass up, for sure. I still have most of them even though my original plan was to sell them at swap meets.

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