Tell me about my anvil

Tell me about my anvil. Markings are not readable. Supposed to be Civil War era. What about the intention on top back?

It weighs just over 100 lvs

100 pounds

Looks like a beaut, Jonah! Seen a lot of use. Quite the relic, there. That large missing piece in the heel of the anvil isn’t terribly uncommon, unfortunately just constant use (and sometimes, abuse) can knock off a piece of the hardened plate on the top of the anvil. Looks like you got it cleaned up real nice. If I had to wager a guess, I’d say a Peter Wright.

Hard to tell an age on it, without any markings - at least for me, anyhow. Maybe someone else on the forum can help.

Thanks. I’m a retired railroad carman. I’ve swung a few sledges in my life, but not really into the smithing trade. A friend sold it to me for $75, so I had to buy it. Thanks for the input

Great price I’d say :slight_smile: Gonna put it to use some perhaps?

As soon as I can find a Cyprus stump I like, I’ll use the stump to mount it on and work it in my shop. I was told it came from George’s Blacksmith shop in Damascus Georgia, and had been used in an area blacksmith shop since the Civil War.

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