Suggestions on beginner projects?

Hello all!
I’ve made hooks and such and I don’t really know what I should make next. I want to keep challenging myself and trying more difficult projects. Keeping in mind that I’m only a few months in do you guys have any suggestions? Projects you did when you were first starting out to practice? Thank you for your time.

Hi I’m new to. Try checking out YouTube.

Hey @RaginEskimo, it depends I think on how much time you have and what your attention span is in the shop. In my experience, the longer the project and more intricate, the more I have learned - but I need a lot of dedicated time for that. One of my more complicated projects was a 17th century axe, there was a lot of forge welding and a lot of work done to the metal. It was part of a class I did.

I would actually say classes is where I learned the most, finding people who have been doing the craft for years and years and years and then learning from them.

But - if you are looking to learn more on yourself, I think keeping up with the simple projects as you have done is important. There was a guy in Canada (can’t recall the name) that did a hook a day, for 365 days straight. No 2 hooks were the same, every one was different, and creative.

So, you can do something like that - keep trying different ways to make the things you know how to make.

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