Selling items you've made


I was wondering where are some good places to sell things you have made.


I belong to a Facebook groups called Off Grid and Homestead…They have several sub-groups and one is for selling stuff that we have made. You could check it out.


Local markets,
Have a monthly Blacksmith garage sale.
post adds on the local notice boards
Fakebook, though not every-bodies choice, and its a site best to keep away from. as you may upset some snowflake, selling knives and axes, and be shut out. (your choice) because after guns they are next:


Lots of sellers either have an Etsy site or create a shopify site and advertise on there.

I have more interest and luck at places like craft fairs, etc. What you really need is a variety of priced items - it will be hard to sell those knives at $100-$200 a pop, but bottle openers and corkscrews at $15-20? All day.

Look for local art fairs in your area, they really love having makers since sometimes they get crowded with people just reselling.