Selling items you've made

I was wondering where are some good places to sell things you have made.

I belong to a Facebook groups called Off Grid and Homestead…They have several sub-groups and one is for selling stuff that we have made. You could check it out. Off Grid and Homestead Trading Post | Facebook

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Local markets,
Have a monthly Blacksmith garage sale.
post adds on the local notice boards
Fakebook, though not every-bodies choice, and its a site best to keep away from. as you may upset some snowflake, selling knives and axes, and be shut out. (your choice) because after guns they are next:


Lots of sellers either have an Etsy site or create a shopify site and advertise on there.

I have more interest and luck at places like craft fairs, etc. What you really need is a variety of priced items - it will be hard to sell those knives at $100-$200 a pop, but bottle openers and corkscrews at $15-20? All day.

Look for local art fairs in your area, they really love having makers since sometimes they get crowded with people just reselling.

Well, this is really a great list to launch your products as one can also used eCommerce platform to get their products or services in the market.

Flea markets keys for sure!

Also if there is a county fair or something you can sell there too. But chances are the fair is gonna want a cut of the money so figure out a good price