Secure that swage

I am a newbie to Blacksmithing, so I guess I have a lot to learn,
However I am not New to the engineering fields, (now being retired),
and as I have set up my new hobby shop from scratch, with no help from others, as I live on my own, Rural:
I have purchased my latest Item being a sage: Ideal for small work,
I was at a loss as to how I would hold this thing, only having two hands, and did not want to have it bouncing around on the anvil or locked into a Vice,
So came up with a idea to lock it to the anvil, which was quick and simple.
Which may be of some help to others:
just requires the loosening or tightening of two nuts (once set up) to fix or remove:
(five minutes Max):
Though I am not sure if all anvils have a rib around the face:
all you need is an anchor:

As I am not allowed to upload a PDF with all the directions,
However: this information is available to anyone who is interested,
just email me, and I will send the (pdf file), which has quite a few pictures showing how it was done:


I have found a way to upload PDF as Jpeg file:
so here are the photos showing how the Swage is fitted to the Anvil.

Benarkin Rebel

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