Ryan Crowe

Hello, my name is Ryan and i live in south Carolina in oconee county.
me and my brother are 16 and we are wanting to go into blacksmithing because we have always enjoyed hot molten metal and fire mostly. but we are here to learn more about blacksmithing and we mostly have most of the equipment.
right now we are working in a small shop with not a lot of room and my dad’s which is sizeable but we have stuff on our to get list and hope to start making stuff and money. now i have been more experienced with tools and stuff than my brother because i have and still live around tools but my brother is catching along. right now we are kind of on a fixed budget $73 a week and we are still looking for jobs but i think that will be next year before i get one. but doing with what we have and later upgrading on what we have. i get most of my stuff from harbor freight or the oconee welding shop if they have a better quality of items but harbor freight is where i get my stuff if i can get it there then i order it online. so starting small getting things one piece at a time we hope to learn a lot from this board

Welcome aboard

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thank you I feel welcomed


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