Rookie alert!!!

Hello everyone!

I have finally decided to pick up blacksmithing. After months of watching do-it-yourself forge and blacksmithing videos I have decided to give it a go. I will be setting up my forge and buying some of the basic tools this week. I have a few old horseshoes laying around but they are really old and rusty, could these be re-forged?? I guess I will have to wait and see! I welcome any advice. As I have never attempted to forge anything. I know there are tons of resources on this forum so I will definitely be searching around a lot. I’m really excited to start this process and hope I can help everyone carry on this awesome art form!

Thanks, Yllwbeard17 aka (Ian)

Welcome Yllwbeard117!

Glad to see you here and welcome to the craft. You can of course reforge old horse shoes, although depending on the state of em, they might not look the best when reforged (like if they are extremely rusty to the point of losing pieces of them.

Let us know how it goes, looking forward to seeing what you make!

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