Ribbon burner?

Does anyone have any experience or information on ribbon burners? I am looking to build a gas forge but I want consistent heat throughout the forge and to eliminate the chance of hot spots. Thank you!

My buddy Jeff (JavosIronworks) built a ribbon burner recently. His is built on natural gas, but I’ll reach out to him to see if he can lend his insight here.

Thank you very much, Grant! I’ll post pictures of what I’m working with in a little bit. Of coarse, I do have questions but it would seem easier to explain with images to pick everyone’s brain better. Mostly has to do with ceramic blanket and refractory thicknesses for the size/shape of tank/materials. Again, thank you!

Hello, here is what I am currently working with.
Tank is 12" wide x 24" seam to seam (roughly add an inch for each end cap) the ends will be utilized as doors. Still waiting to buy the ceramic blanket, I do not know what thickness would be best in this situation. I don’t even know how thick to have the refractory either to be honest. I understand the differences between them and so I’m using both, as directed. I was toying with inch and a half wall thickness for each. The 3" of total wall thickness I would end up with doesn’t seem like a lot, plus the inside of the forge would have a generous 9" cavern. More like an 8" height with the firebrick floor. Which I would look forward to if the walls will work, if not then I have some room to spare. My main question is, how much refractory and ceramic blanket should be used to line this tank efficiently, and allow me to easily bring steel up to high temps? This will have the ribbon burner. I am hoping to have the burner be around 2/3 or less of the length of the tank, centered on top, and about 4" wide. Thank you all very much!

I was going to use the pipe as the inside but I am not, ignore them haha I will use a different tube with a liner so I can easily remove it when the cement is setup.

Looks like you’re starting to gather some good stuff there!

I’d say you’d want at least 1.5 inches in there. 3/4" kaowool would work double layered. Be sure to account for the endcaps (doors) too. Put your refractory over that, expect to have another 1/4" probably - so you’re looking at a 8" cavity.

Ideally, 2" is what seems to be a real general rule of thumb. You could increase to that if you feel you want to go more “by the book”. I have 1.5" in my naturally aspirated forge though and it does just fine. With a top down ribbon burner, just be sure you aren’t burning your steel up. That would be my main concern with a top down burner.

Looking forward to seeing the build!

I bit the bullet and have ordered the 2" wool, be here next week :unamused: … until then we have some chopping to do. Got her trimmed down and opened up! Have the obvious left here: other end cut, side burner slot cut, different base/stand, door stuff, trim/shave bricks, and I am taking bits of this from Jeff’s ribbon post like the side mount burner and the nails tacked inside for support while setting up. Should I worry about getting a lot of nail put in or just a few? I will be using an all firebrick base and will cast it with them to be removable so hopefully maintenance and changing them out will be a breeze later on. One thing I haven’t dove too far into is the outside. Would there be an issue like needing high temp. paints or would plain rattle cans work? Thank you again :smiley:

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend!

In a world full of wicked, I hope all of you are safe and sound!

I have made a little progress myself. The wool arrived on time, I however am behind. Not a lot of time was able to be utilized toward this build recently. The other end of the tank has been removed, some wool cut, molds for ribbon burners made (yes plural)I am contemplating having two ribbon burners, one on either side. I would love to hear from someone about it! I will be installing one for now, later if I feel the need or if it is a must then I will go ahead with the second.

This week we will see progress. Then not too long until I am possibly having surgery. I have been battling a traumatic brain injury for a couple years and let’s just say I’m alive, just a lot of pain. Also a ruptured disk c5/c6 wasn’t found until about 6 months ago. Explains the pain I’ve been telling them I’ve been having this whole time :unamused: But now there’s talk of surgery, disk replacement instead of the fusion. If insurance approves it then it will be on the 29th.

Not sharing for sympathy, I plan on finishing this build so if anyone reads this they don’t have to wonder if this has been given up on or not. It hasn’t :mrgreen: cheers

Surgery went well… six weeks in a collar.

I take it no one has any input on a dual ribbon setup from the last update.

Anyone have any other forums they are involved in? I have a lot to learn and apparently have nothing but time.


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