Refractory cement as a forge insulator?


I’ve seen several videos on building my own forge. The question is can I use a refractory cement for a forge the way it is used in diy foundries? My thought is that if it works for melting metal in a bucket it should work in a vertical position as a forge.

Or should I use the kaowool with the refractory cement coating? And what’s the reasoning behind using the wool over just a thich wall of the cement.

Thanks in advance


Hey welcome to the forums @artfullyrogue! As far as I’m aware, the kaowool will insulate a whole lot better than cement, and that’s the reason for using 2" of kaowool instead of just straight up 2" of cement.

That being said, cement would work just fine - I’ve been at forge ins where its just a pile of fire brick that sort of makes a chamber with forge burners blasting into the chamber. That works fine too, if you’re concerned about efficiency, kaowool will help you. If you just want to get a forge up and going and all you have is refractory (rated to the correct forging temp of course), then you can of course just go with that.