Propane forge troubleshooting

What’s up everybody. I am new to this forum and new to owning and operating a propane forge. The problem having is only once the forges been running for 10 or 15 minutes, Long enough for it to get red hot and just barely start to turn the material molten. It is at this point(every time) that the flame starts to sputter and then goes out. If I try to re-light it doesn’t ignite properly and flame come out where the air intake and jet are located. Any advice on the situation would be Highly appreciated…

Pictures of your set up would be helpful, especially of the flames at the air intake . . .

Hi, what type of regulator are you using? How many psi? It sounds like you don’t have enough air flow through your system. Pics would help. You need at least a 20 psi regulator and lots of air at the intake.

I’ve got a 30 psi regulator and have been operating at 20 psi when the problem occurs. I was’n’t able to capture the burner sputtering and then going out but video attached is of the intake after the the burner has gone out. What you see in the video is when I try to relight

I’m new too but if your using smaller tanks you could be freezing up a twenty pound propane tank I’ve had it happen a few times where the performance of the forge started to drop or I wasn’t getting as much psi out of it. I switched to a 100 lbs tank and haven’t had an issue yet I hear 40lbs tanks work fine aswell and shouldn’t freeze up.

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