Propane forge not firing correctly

Hi all, new here, looks like a great place with a lot of great information. I had a propane forge gifted to me and I’m having trouble getting the flame right. The forge is 20.5 long, 10.5 wide as seen in the pictures and the burner is also as shown and fits into the side of the forge. The orifice is 7/64". Not sure what’s going on, but from what I’ve read, could be a combination of things. Orifice too big, not centered, etc. Thoughts? Suggestions? HIt me with the questions, I’m looking forward to joining the craft.

Forgot to include in using a 30 psi regulator with a gauge and not seeing any pressure on it no matter how open it is.

Hi, from what I can see you need to center your jet feed and you will also need lots of air. Whether you use forced air or simply flare out your intake, it is best to have some kind of adjustment to regulate the amount of air you are putting in. I also flare out my output that is inside the forge. Hope this helps.

Hey @campanaforge welcome! I think that pipe might be too big for a natural draw, this looks like a forced air forge to me that’s missing a fan attachment to the bottom.

Luckily, this is an easy fix for you - just gotta find a source of air flow. Here is a photo of something similar, where a gate valve is used to adjust air flow and a small furnace squirrel cage fan used for the air supply.

Also my guess as to why that gas nozzle is not centered is to help the gas swirl/mix with the forced air, if it were going to have a natural air flow it’d be more centered.

Thanks guys! I replaced the brass cap and used the smallest drill bit I had (1/16") and also centered the nozzle. Much better, but I will also try a fan Grant, like you said it’s an easy fix. I’ll post updates.

Hi Grant, I used a hair dryer in the intake and it worked great. Nice blue flame and it’s staying within the forge instead of having flame leaping out of it. Thanks for all the help!

So I got everything hooked up with a smaller, centered orifice and a hairdryer. Now the intake pipe is starting to glow after only a couple of minutes of firing. I’m thinking of getting a coupling and another length of pipe to extend it. Would that work? Here’s a picture.

Got to thinking about this and I believe I was backwards. I got a shorter pipe and the glowing is gone. Works great now.

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