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Hi I’m new here. I am planning on building my own press. I want to use if possible a 3hp electric motor that I have. It is 3450rpm think. Anyone know of a 2 stage pump that will work with this? Any help would be appreciated. :smiley:

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Hi Brydon,
You might start with Javos Ironworks’ press build post on this forum. It has links to pumps from Concentric at Northern Tool. However, a three Hp may be pushing it. I am trying to get a callback to from Concentric regarding running my 5 hp with a 13.6 or 16 gpm per minute pump. As far as i can tell from researching it, the rule of thumb for two stage pumps
( logsplitter) is that it takes about 2.5 times more hp with gas engine than electric due to torque curves, etc. But I wouldn’t base the design on rule of thumb. I don’t know if anything les s than 11 gpm would be enough

That is the press that brought me to this site. It is a gem!

I’ve been in touch with a few people, but they get sketchy when it comes to liability issues. I’ve learned that a three hP MAY be pushing it, but rule is 2.5 times more HP is required from a gasoline vs. electric power supply. It also appears the g.p.m of the pump is not super important. Heres where i’m at; bought a 2" x 12" rod in a 5" cylinder, a 5 hp motor, a 16 g.p.m pump with a 20 gallon hydraulic reservoir. I will post everything as it goes (with Jeff’s permission) on the forum, but going to take a while . Also, I’m seeking a foot control rather than the hand controlled two stage log splitter pump control valve…
Hope that helps,

I’ll be following. I am thinking of building a press as well.

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