Potential Forge at WJU

Greetings Smithing Community,

I am here because I want to learn the art of smithing. I am about to complete my Philosophy degree at Wheeling Jesuit University. First, I want to do this because I would like smithing to be a part of my life as a “work” in the Aristotelian sense. I would also like to start a tradition at my University, where Philosophy graduates receive a sword as a graduation symbol. Then petitioning the brass about smithing being available as a accredited class at WJU.

I am going to take some pictures and post the potential site for the forge at the University to get everyone’s input on if it is suitable. It is a very old outdoor stove and bricked in. I would also like to know what would be the amount of capital needed to get a proper set of tools and what would be a good anvil to invest in. Keep in mind I am on minimal student budget.

Warmest regards,

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