Please help id mystery tongs

Can anyone shed some light as to what these tongs are for? Wife claims they are castrating tongs, afraid to ask why she said that.The curved jaw is sharpened on the upper surface. Triex googlinggoogling the namname, no luck

Wow, I haven’t seen anything like that. I’ll have to ask around the local guild.

I believe the second image with the tings that say Merrill bros on it are drum deheaders or drum openers. That company isn’t around anymore so those may be worth some money.

Thanks for the reply, the Merrill Bros. drum openers that I googled are quite a bit different from this one. I tried using it on a drum but I couldn’t make it work, the sharp edge doesn’t face the metal and it doesn’t seem to be able to shear anything the way it operates. Thanks again for the reply, I guess the mystery continues.

Well dang it! Thought I had it for sure! The search continues.

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