Not sure what to call this tool but I like it.

I made a new hardie tool for marking or isolating stock. I needed a tool to make tenons and this is what I came up with. Made it out of 4140 and it’s holding up better than I hoped. I first was marking hot stock but tried a few cold and the edge held up really well. Anyone know what this type of tool is called? I’ve see others use similar ones but I haven’t captured the name.

Half scissor hardy tool???!!

Hewing hardy!

No but seriously I would call it a single grind hardy…but I am no expert!

:slight_smile: I guess I’ll just call it “Untitled Hardie Tool” for now.

Little progress on the table project where I used the hardie tool to make the tenons.

That looks great! I love the look of traditional joinery like that. I am really looking forward to seeing it more. Very interested to see the tool in person and see how it works :slight_smile:

I found it! It’s a side cut hardy!

A side cut hardy, huh? Though I have to admit, it doesn’t have the same ringer as hewing hardy. :smiley:

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