Newly acquired, Grandfathers anvil

So, I have been interested for a while now to try my hand at blacksmithing. I am a welder by trade, so I am no stranger to hot metal. Today I acquired my Grandfathers anvil and wanted to hear opinions from the experts, on its condition. It looks to be in fairly good shape to me (compared to others I have seen pictures of), but as I mentioned I don’t have any experience in any of this yet. I did some research and this appears to be a good brand and if I calculated it correctly it is a 153#'s.

I had 3 pictures to show, but new members are only allowed to upload 1 picture…

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I also acquired my Grandpa’s anvil, and I can say, yours is looking in much better shape than mine! That is a wonderful anvil you got there. From just the picture here, it looks real not and relatively crisp on the corners.

Personally, I wouldn’t do anything to it, maybe a little smoothing/sanding on the horn, but the face itself looks great, and it looks nice and cleaned up.

I’ll remove the 1 picture limit, I wasn’t aware of that setting. I’d love to see a few more pictures if you have them, @nicksdad33

Thanks for the reply! I have attached the other pictures.

20190406_143557 20190406_143612

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Real nice looking anvil! Yeah, if I were in your position, I would just take a higher grit (probably 180+) sanding paper on an orbital sander or angle grinder to the top, shelf, and horn, just to scuff up the surface and smooth it out. The edges of your anvil looks a lot better than mine.

The tip of the horn looks like it flares out a little bit, I would just take off that flare too.

You don’t need to be too worried about the amount of scratches, etc, on the shelf, that is almost par the course for a lot of anvils.

Thanks for the advise! That thing has been sitting outside at my parents house for at least 40 years and no telling where before that. Hard to believe it’s in that good of shape. All I did was wire wheel it and wipe it with a little wd-40. I will definitely clean it up some, as you suggested.

That is a thing of beauty right there! I want a Peter Wright myself, really bad, lol.

I took a cutting torch and cut a section of railroad track for my anvil. I’ll come back and post pictures later on. I cut it about 26” and Rough shaped a horn to it. It works great.

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