New to the crafts and this forum

Hey just wanted to drop by and say hi. Just started collecting some equipment and looking forward to building my forge and start shaping metal!

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Welcome! I am at that stage as well, I have done enough to know that I really enjoy it and have a propensity for the work, but ony a few projects.

Welcome B1ffy!

Going with a coal forge or a gas forge? I’d be very interested in how you progress.

Gonna do a gas forge. I’m heading to Home Depot and a welding supply store to pick up some materials today to make the burner. Then possibly next week procuring the kaowool and tank to make the forge housing. I’ll take picks and keep you posted.

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Well didn’t make it to Home Depot or welding supply store. My wife’s fan switch failed causing her car to over heat and crack the radiator. Great! Maybe this weekend.

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