New to the art and help with Anvil

Hello all,

I have wanted to get into blacksmithing for quite some time and I finally purchased an Anvil. It’s a Peter Wright but a lot of the markings are gone from test punches. The face is very nice but aside from seeing the last name Wright, i don’t have a lot of markings left. I have two “0”s on the legs. Does this mean anything or give insight to the age of my new Anvil? I put it on the scale and it comes in at 196 lbs. it’s about 28” long and 4.5” wide.

Thanks for the help, look forward to being a new member.

What a beaut! Great find and great looking anvil! Honestly not sure what the 0 0 is, but I’ll take out my anvil in america book and see if it gives any info on it!

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