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OK so after i get my forge and anvil up and running i want to make a heat treating station. but i know very little about this process since the only thing i have heard about is that you have to use quenching oil and heat it up and when you drop the metal in you let it cool and take it out. but i haven’t really got a clue about it.

This is a very in depth and tricky subject. It would best to start looking for text books on this subject.

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well unfortunately I don’t have the money for text books but I do have two people who did it for a livin and It was machine operated. but the only text book that I have is a Haynes Techbook on welding I got at harbor freight. but I have ask them and one said the a part went in to the hot oil at 300 something degrees and then it dropped into a cooler oil about 135 I think he said.

A lot of YouTube vids on this subject too. Much depends on the type of steel. Many amateurs just use water and swish it around hoping for even heat treat. Then they temper the steel in an oven for an hour or two at 350-450 F so it’s not so brittle. Of course this is all pretty crude compared to professional work, and results will vary.

Some steels should not be tempered in water from what I understand, and some do better in water than oil. Go figure.

Of course there are some safety and performance considerations, so it’s best to really know what you’re doing. YouTube can be a great resource for learning, but there’s plenty of newbs like me making vids too. Make sure you’re learning from somebody who knows what they’re talking about.

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