new to forum

Hello all. My name is Eddie and I am owner of Gallop Forge, located in Georgia.

:open_mouth: been doing a little searching around the net for blacksmith forums and came to a conclusion: You guys are either way busy, highly clandestine or just don’t talk much! Average response to a post appears to be measured in months or years :laughing: it’s like staring at a piece of iron waiting for rust to happen.

I’ve noticed that too… The best forums I can find with the most active people are all on Facebook… All kinds of Blacksmithing and Knife making groups on there…

Yeah, a bit my fault, I’ve definitely not pushed this forum at all or spread word about it. Happy to see that at least some people are joining, sorry that the activity level is so low. Hopefully that might change over the coming months as I bring some more focus back to these old dusty forums. :slight_smile:

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