New to blacksmithing

Hi, I just purchased my first forge today! Excited to get into this. I will get pics of my forge tonight it came with a champion blower with a gear box but no stand or tube to mount on the forge. So I will be looking for these parts. Like I said I’m new to this and have never even seen it do e before but always was in my mind to get into. Still need a anvil and got a leant to built to set up a small shop in. If anybody has pics of how they are set up that would be great. I love in northern wi. And don’t know anybody who is into this stuff so there is no help here. I want to restore this forge and blower before using it. Should I put cement in the tray or not? Any help would be appreciated


Hi Derek:

I built a lean to by the side of my main workshop, its app 3.5Mts wide by just under 5Mts long. and 2.5Mts at lowest point raising to 3Mts at highest point,
the floor is crusher dust, (which packs down quite well)
I left an air gap app 300mm high all round the bottom, for ventilation, and to not let gas build up, as LPG is a heavy gas, and a leak could be a large problem. The same with carbon monoxide,
also have allowed plenty of ventilation at both front and back, allows hot fumes to escape, and not get trapped. the whole thing is weather proof,
I built a heavy door, also well ventilated, so the area can be locked up.
I have both a coal-charcoal forge I built and a LPG forge I built,

Some photos: they may help with ideas. (works fine for me)
Though will be expanding a bit latter:



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