New smith needs help

So i am very new to blacksmithing so i need help, i have asked around but i cant seem to get an answer that makes sense, so i was wondering that if i where to make forks, knifes, and spoons with rebar will they be safe to eat with or should go with a diffrent metal. Rebar is cheep where i am so that why i chose that metal. I just dont wany to make something that is ment to be used and not beable to use it so if anyone has any expirence with that sort of thing or at least knows the answer it would be much appreciated.

Its fine to use rebar its the finish you will use on of bee’s wax its doesn’t have too be yellow heat just as long as its a few hundred degrees or hot enough to melt the wax onto the piece. It will help it from rusting and keep it food safe.

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