New Propane/firebrick forge build

First off I’m in far North rural Thailand-so its hard or impossible to get construction materials
This is my first proper forge build and any suggestions or comments are greatly appreciated
Firebrick and 3/4 " propane burner
Thinking of “hardening” the ceramic wool with a mix of betonite clay/mortar sand and Portland cement- mainly because that’s all that’s available ,and use same material as liner-applied in many thin coats with adequate dry time between
Like to get some input on placement of the burner-as in top or side mount
Planning to insulate exterior with ceramic wool and a sheet metal cover-mainly to :
A-retain heat in forge
B-reduce radiant heat

The temperature here is only in the 30C range at present but in the hot season it gets well up in the 40’s so anything I can do to lessen the temp is beneficial

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