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Hey, my name is Justin. I’m kind of a homesteader and in my quest to build a sustainable homestead I started looking into building a blacksmithing portion onto my shop. Today I started piecing my forge together and I got huge break drum that come off an old 18 wheeler and a Bufco hand crank blower with stand. The blower is old and been left outside for at least 20 years so it was locked up. I’m in the middle of taking it apart now and I saved most of the original bolts and nuts all but three that I had to drill out. One was the cover for the gear box. The cover is still locked on good have PB blaster soaking on it now. May have to apply some heat to get it break loose. Well that’s where I’m at right now I’ll keep you guys updated.

Nice to meet you DeepSouthDad :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing some shots of the thing and your shop being put together.

Got the blower soaking in diesel, I hope I can get this thing freed up. I did some more research on forge builds and really glad I got the brake drum I got because it just right for what I got planned. My only problem right now is I’m not trying to get to deep in my pockets on this thing so I’m searching for scrap 2" pipe and a fairly large piece of plate to build a table and modify the forge. I also found a good supply of leaf springs.

Nice! Love to see some pictures of how it’s going.

Yeah, tough to resist digging into the pockets… It’s important to try to resist that urge as much as possible. Very cool you have a supply of leaf springs.

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