New Member Introductions

Hi I’m new here and it looks awesome so far!

Hi I’m new here and so far it seems awesome. I recently built a coal forge and I have no idea how to light it. Can anyone help me?

Hi, my name is John and I live in southern New Hampshire. I have been interested in blacksmithing my entire life and never found the opportunity. I am now 43 and trying to get started. Can someone recommend a part of this forum where I can begin to learn?

Hi guys Just starting out.

Got twin propane burners running,Just building a forge from an old gas tank and 50mm blanket.

Anvil is a Christmas present from the wife.Looking forward to manipulating some metal.

Jimbo Somerset England.

Hey everyone! I just started a couple months ago. A very nice smith got me into it. This seems like a site with nice folks, no je

New on here from Ohio. Just getting started with forge tools and anvil my son got me.

Welcome @Dbarker! Glad to have you around.

Welcome @Hux! Glad to have you around.

@Jimbo Nice! Can’t wait to see some of your work.

Letter opener ,poker and tongs for my first 3 projects.

Hey everyone, new smith here

Hey everyone, aspiring smith here. I spend half my days working in a Hydraulics factory, then my nights studying for college or reading and watching things about smithing.
I finally decided maybe to talk to people about where to really begin assembling a work station. So I’m here!

Hello All,

I have been moving metal for a goodly while now. I smith daily. I run a coal forge, I am not a blade smith.

I live in upstate New York.


Hey there y’all originally from Texas. Residing in Virginia for at least a few years for now. Just getting started and already learning a lot from y’alls posts. I look forward to learning even more over time.

Hi! New on here from northwest Washington.

Hey there. I’m from jersey and am just getting into it. Only issue now is finding a forge but that isn’t to hard