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Hello everyone. I’m a guy wanting to get into smithing and have done a few little projects before but now Im to the point where I must build I forge. I want to make a propane forge and was hoping you all could help me with some suggestions about it, I know I’ll build a frame and the line it with something. I found a mixing formula for some refractory cement, should I use that and if so how much? And any other general info on building a forge would be great. Thanks

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Hey Dean,

Welcome to the forums!

I’m in the process of building a new forge too, right now I have a forced air but really I would recommend not going that route unless you plan on hitting the ground running with pattern welded steel.

The general recipe you’ll want to build it yourself is: 12-14 gauge body, 2" kaowool, refractory coating, firebrick to act as a floor, and the burner being positioned in the burner at an angle you like. You can either go top down, right into the side, or line the burner up with the top of the cavity to create a vortex (best, in my opinion, positioning).

I’ll post some plans I have in the next couple days, but for right now maybe keep an eye out for a (roughly) 8" tube to use as your cavity.

Thanks Grant, I appreciate the advice. So I should look for a round or rectangular/square cavity?

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