New guy knows very little to nothing

Ok I am a 46 year old father of 4 sons and married to the same wife for 28 years. I love woodworking and most art fields, hunting , fishing, dumpster diving( I work for a local garbage company, LOL). I have a bad habit of wanting to try pretty much of anything constructive or destructive. I hope to learn a lot here.

Yes its true the only thing I know about blacksmithing is what I have seen online, on TV, or in books. I have no coal but I have a forge made from a brake drum and am building one from a grill. I have a broken anvil, the horn is broke off but I have both pieces, I also have a railroad track about 10 to 12 inches long and a block of steel as well as a few steel plates I can beat on. the only tools I have are hammers, pliers, and general everyday tools not much for blacksmithing.

Hey Robin! Welcome to Blacksmith Forums.

Sounds like you got a pretty good set up to start you off, working at a garbage company probably helps with finding some of the odds and ends things for sure!

The nice thing about blacksmithing is it’s a “Tools to make tools” type hobby, once you get started you can make pretty much everything.

Happy to have you aboard and looking forward to your posts!

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