New fire pot

Starting a coal forge build. I started with the firepot. The dimensions are 10 by 12. Now I just need to dig up materials for the table.

One more shot of the clinker breaker. made out of 3/8 and I drilled holes to get a little extra air flow.

Looks awesome, Javos! Do you have plans yet for where you are going to put the coal forge?

How thick did you make the fire pot? Looks 1/4" about?

I love the clinker breaker and holes for it. Did you come up with that idea or see it somewhere?

I based the design off from this video-

Most if the firepot is 1/4 material but it varies a bit. I basically just used whatever material I had laying around.

I plan to use the coal forge outside at first and if things go well I may attempt to move it inside and build a venting system. Venting in my shop may be a challenge because I have cement walls and a cement ceiling but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there

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