New content ?

In my limited experience I have one other forum that i use( for goat owners) and it has a new content section/link that brings you to a page of everything that happened whi,e you were gone, now keep in mind I have no idea if this is a terrible pain to create, and I am not sure it is needed right now, but if you get a lot of people it may be advantageous.

This is really set up nicely, you must have spent some time getting all this set up!

Hey Chad,

That is a great suggestion - there is a Recent Topics down on the bottom left, but it only goes to the 5 most recent posts (replies to current postings are included there).

This should be relatively easy and I’ll think of how I can add it… I know I would take advantage of it!

I never thought of the usefullness to an admin or moderator, that would be nice.

I’d probably use it just like everyone else - to see what’s happenin’ :wink:

Anyways, I’ll dig into it. Any other suggestions like that feel free to make another topic and thanks for the feedback! It’s how these sites improve :slight_smile:

I would like to see some new content! :smiley:
and not nearly as much spam would be nice, you could maybe start by kicking out all those fake account users that are only on here to promote unrelated clothing items.

Hey Trials,

Yeah - those spambots are really hard to keep up with… Just me here to kick em off! I have some time off here, I hope to improve the login process to prevent so many bots from getting on here!

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