New blood(Interested in learning to forge)

Hey guys and gals! My name is Terry and I am brand spankin new to the craft. I am interested in learning to forge. Mostly I want to forge my own throwing knives. My father taught me to throw bowies and tomahawks at a youngish age. Now that I am older I want to create my own throwing knives. I enjoy working with my hands.
Where do you live? Florida
How did you get started? Working on that
How long have you been in the craft? Never forged anything.
What has been your most proud project to date? Work in progress

Welcome to the group, Blacksmith Judd!

Blacksmithing is one of those crafts that you’ll be surprised in how many people still do it. Best place to start getting involved is to get involved locally. Looks like there is a FABA ( Going to a monthly or quarterly meeting is a great way to get involved and talk to other people.

Looking forward to having you around the group and maybe showing us some throwing knife shots at some point :slight_smile:

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