Need more heat for my propane forge

My first post so hope it’s in the right place.
I built a small forge (inside dimensions 6"x6"x18") and purchased a single propane burner on Ebay. The problem is I’m not getting the metal as hot, or as quick as I’d like. I am a welder and have used a rosebud for years to get metal hot enough to work.
Question # 1 : can I add oxygen to the fuel mixture to get it hotter?
Question # 2 : can I use a blower with or without the oxygen to achieve this?

I had the same problem, my burner didn’t get hot enough, I added a blower without oxygen and it is working much better. Now my forge goes up about 1350 C

Hi there
I would avoid using oxygen it will increase the likelihood of oxidising your metal.
Forced air would be a better option.

Thanks for the replies, I’ve been working on a welding project, plan to get back to the forge tomorrow. I’ve got a small blower to do a test run.

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