My Shop! Part of it, anyway...

Here it a shot of my forge area!

Nevermind the compressor tank and line going RIGHT inbetween my anvil and forge… it was just there for the moment :wink:

I’m still getting used to things, I realize I would love my forge to be put on wheels, or take up less space… For now, it works as is though. What’s missing from the shot is a shot of my tool rack hammers, tongs) and then the welding table.

I feel a little cramped in my shop, and sometimes safety is a concern for me - half of the shop is wood working, the other half is metal working. I feel I can snug in a little bit more to provide more room… My forge is a bit far away from my anvil as it is, but my anvil “mouth” really puts heat out with the forced air forge, so I don’t really wanna get too much closer.


Had to laugh, same here, one side of my shop is wood working and the other, metal. Let’s just hope the two never meet. Buddy of mine is a welder and warned me it’s real easy to send a dingleberry somewhere it could smolder for hours before catching fire. Gave me the cold sweats

Agreed - also, this is a bit ago, I really need to update this picture! I will tonight :slight_smile:

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