My GCSE Tong Design

Hi Guys,
I’m attempting to create a design for new forging tongs for my Product Design (DT) GCSE, it consists of normal versatile wolf jaw-like tongs with a clamping mechanism that locks over the top so as to lock pieces into place, and I am also attempting to incorporate a hardy-hole attachment so as to allow it to be hands-free, but I am currently having problems comming up with a way to keep it flush to the anvil. I would really appreciate it if you would evaluate this initial design and tell me any problems with it and thinks like how likely you are to use it and, if so how much you would be willing to pay for it hypothetically, thank you : )


i keep trying to reply but get logged out each time. :confused:

ok it worked that time so hear goes :smiley:
you have set yourself a challenge there robin :slight_smile: did you know vise grips/mole grips were invented by a blacksmith trying to make better tongs?
the way i would go about making your design hands free would be to make the bottom jaw flat and flat to the anvil then extend it back to the rivet and have the hardy post coming off it from there, the bottom handle would have to sit on the anvil too.
hope this helps :slight_smile:

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