Having trouble finding metal in the Wilmington NC area any suggestions?also I got some metal bars from the welding isle in tractor supply will it make a good knife?

What sort of metal are you looking for?

If you are looking for cheaper, questionable metal then head to a scrap yard or a auto yard - grab coil springs or leaf springs if they have them laying out (sometimes they are taken off). These are a higher carbon steel but may be a bit questionable.

You may need to throw them in a fire to burn off the paint or rubber coating, stay away as it’s unhealthy to breathe in.

Otherwise, if you don’t have those nearby, you can search online - there are quite a few places like Admiral Steel that ship knife steel but you’ll obviously be paying a bit more for the quality.

I have some 440 Stainless that I’ve been selling to others for knife making, but this stuff is temperamental and brittle if not forged under the correct temperatures.

Howdy, Low carbon steel, aka weldable steel that you get at your local hardware store will make a knife but you will have a heck of a time getting and maintaining a good edge, it wont heat treat well and not very friendly to sand and polish. You can go on ebay or I have used the new jersey steel baron . The prices may seem high but once you make a couple of knives you will realize you are saving money buying the right steel. Find some 1084 or 1095 stock . Flat stock will grow about 1/2 in width as you draw it out, round stock will double.

Remember that your time is the highest cost to this hobby so use good materials and give it to your grand kids some day.

Hey, have two large spikes. both about 1" diameter and 30-36"" long. They look like big Nails. Any one have any idea what type of metal they could be. They rusted so assuming not stainless steel!

Hmm, I’ll be taking note of this, just in case. Thanks, Doug!

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