Metal powder for forging

Hello from Wa. State. Have any of you used metal powder? Im a machinist and have access to 41/40 and 43/40 metal shaving from the saw. But I dont know what metal powder I should fill in the gaps with. Any insights will be appreciated.

I feel this needs context, is the steel being canister welded, is it being bloomed? What is the desired purpose/property of the final result?

Thanks for your reply. I was thinking canoe style. Ive not heard of bloom and would appreciate any info you wanted to share. My final useage for this is a knife.

For bloom steel you throw the ingrediants iron glass inside charcoal and the slag collects the particles and drags them down into a spoungy mass and carbonizes them as well as stripping the unwanted elements away from the mass. From there you just forge weld and fold till it turns back into a steel, it was how swords and metal was made for maybe 1500 years or more. Really it amounts to a chimney with forced air and just throwing crap into it.

Edit: if you want a mixer steel.1075 powder is a good choice jantz has it in 5lb amounts super fine grain.