Mayer bros. power hammer restoration


Hoping for some tips for restoring an old Mayer Bros. power hammer. Specifically I am looking for insight in mounting the motor. I have a 2hp electric motor to use on it. The plan is to have about a 3 inch pulley on the motor to the close to 13 inch pulley on the hammer. Hopefully that will get me in the right range for rpms, but my hold up is on how to mount the motor to the hammer. The plan is to use two snap v belts on it. I’ve seen people mount the motor on the side of the hammer but that requires drilling into the cast iron frame. I’ve also seen people mount the motor above the fly wheel but they do that using the bolts that hold the Babbitt bearings on and the bearings on my hammer are cast into the frame. Also about anchoring it to the floor should i add wood under it or some kind of rubber shock absorption mat between it and the slab?