Making a Foundry

I’m looking into making a foundry for melting lead. I have seen many youtube videos about people using plaster of paris and it crumbling after continuous use. I was wondering if someone could give me some insight on what to use as more of a permanent solution. It would have to be something somewhat small and maybe portable, fuel could be propane or charcoal.

Lead melts at a relatively low temperature, one of the lowest of all metals. If I was needing to melt some lead I would start with an old propane cylinder and cut the top off :smiley: very carefully after making certain it was completely empty.

Lead has a pretty low melting point. Have you looked up some electric foundrys for lead? I have some family that melts and casts lead bullets, here is a link to a youtube video showing it:

I think he just got his at Cabela’s or something, its a small electric smelting pot with a bottom spout pour.

Were you thinking of something larger?

by the way, I think what you are actually making is called a crucible :wink:

I have the lee bottom pour spout, just looking for something bigger for when I get big pieces of scrap.

For processing reclaimed lead I use a large cast iron pot with propane burner under it.

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