Making a forge burner

Hi last summer i built my first gaz forge .
And i make a simple gaz burner who work with a venturie effecte its working fine but i can get it to forge welding temperature so what should i do?
Get myself a gaz regulator with more psi or built a force air burner ? Tanks [emoji1]

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What PSI are you at now? Is it straight from the tank or do you have a regulator?

If you aren’t getting up to temp with that style it’s just down to air/gas mix and pressure.

What size hole do you have exiting your gas line going into the venturi?

I have a 30 psi regulator and my propan exit in the burner is about 0.5 mm

That’s more than enough force. My guess is not enough air is being pulled in, can you give some more shots of your venturi set up? Is is just open on top? What size chamber in there? Is it properly insulated (2" Kaowool, high temp coating of ITC 100 or something similar)?

Is it open in the back too?

Honestly that looks to me it just needs a little tweaking but it shouldn’t be a problem getting to forge welding temperatures. The top down forges like this give a lot of heat right at the point they hit. You’re putting the place you want forge welded right underneath the heat, right? Just making sure :slight_smile:


Thank you for your advices grant i will work on my burner and give you some feedback soon

maybe a bigger reducer on the top for better venturi effect, look a bi small from the photo. i went with 1 1/2 to 1/2inch and now my adjustable regulator from father christmas :smiley: is here i can finish it and test.(that onto a 1/2 iron nipple 8 inch long then 1/2in to 3/4 reducer for a flared flame end) will let you know :wink:

looks like your using 1 inch pipe so i would try a 2in to 1 in reducer. get more air to it :wink:

had a test run and with some messing with the regulator and jet position got a good looking flame going on. will fix it all in place this weekend and add a choke for more air contol :slight_smile:PLEASE PLEASE if you doing this stuff check with soapy water that your joints are good, i lost the hair off my hands and forearms because i didnt check before lighting :frowning: some poo came out too :smiley:

Any advice on a forced air natural gas forge? I put the details in long post on “How To”
Anybody have any experience w/ this?

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