Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys back for a decade

“That is our league right now in the first month of Boston Bruins Jerseys football. If you are a team that is just OK talent-wise, you can win some of these early games because of fatigue and injury.”

Having played defensive Los Angeles Dodgers Jerseys back for a decade, Edwards’ heart is on that side of the ball. He recognizes, as have many fans and critics, that basics are lacking in the NFL, particularly in the trenches and for open-field tacklers. Hall of Famer Bill Polian, who helped build Super Bowl teams in Buffalo, Carolina and Indianapolis, calls the lack of fundamentals “the worst I have seen.”

Polian has been a part of the NFL for more than three decades, so he knows whereof he speaks.

Texans coach Bill O’Brien certainly recognizes the importance of those fundamentals.

“That’s what I mean by there’s some basic fundamentals to every position that you coach, basic coaching fundamentals, basic theories and philosophies that you have to cover,” O’Brien says.

He’s right. Covering them in the classroom and in theory is important.

Getting in the work on the field to hone players’ skills and then sharpen them has become an almost impossible challenge. The result is often, well, Cleveland Cavaliers Jerseys bad football.

“Here is the crazy part,” Edwards notes. "As much as we say we want to protect the players and do protect them and teach guys how Arizona Cardinals Jerseys to tackle … the league is basically a one-back league. We play on the whole field now, a real vertical game. When we spread people out and throw as often as the ball is thrown, there are more players on the inside that defend than on the outside. The plays called take these receivers across the field and inside, and that is where most of the collisions take place.

“Because we’re such a speed game now, everybody wants to throw, the collisions are even harder. And the players aren’t necessarily prepared for that.”

Nor are they prepared for a whole lot else that occurs on the field, leading to forgettable games.

Still, it’s only two weeks, right?

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