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Over the last couple months I have started looking into getting a blade forge to start making my own knives and small tools. I don’t ever see myself as a full time blade smith, but I would like a quality forge that will last a long time. I found an NC Tool 2-burner propane forge and wondered what thoughts were on quality and price for this unit. Here is the link.


I really do not know very much about smithing. I am an aircraft mechanic and I am just wanting to expand my technical skills. I can weld a little but I don’t have my own welder either. So in summary, I have a lot of questions and am needing some advice for some quality pieces of equipment.

Thanks for your considerations and feedback.

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Hi IC3TREY. Welcome to Blacksmith Forums!

I’d say that would be a real nice forge set up for blades, what kind of blades are you looking to do? It might be limiting if you ever want to do something like damascus which would require forge welding temperatures.

It might also be too much forge if you are looking to start out. I am not familiar with NC Tool Forges but that looks just like one that Javos Ironworks has (well, he has a side opening one) and I know he loves his… And I do envy that nice quick start igniter. It saves on gas being able to turn it on at a click like that.

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