looking for an anvil

i am a beginner at blacksmithing an i recently purchased a vise that had an anvil so they have a 55 lbs anvil at harbor freight which is where i bought the vise but it is the same price as the vise, and i have read the reviews online and i have come to a conclusion that i need a better one than that. so i need one that is kind of cheap, but heavy like the 55 or greater and that i can afford on a $73 a week budget without waiting 6 or 7 months to save my money. so i want your advise on a good anvil for a pretty good workout cause i will try to use it as much as i can for the time being.

Go scrounge your local scrapyard if they will let you.
You don’t need a proper anvil to start, you just need a large chunk of steel.
Equipment mechanics may also have some large hunks, and you may even be able to barter with shop chores (sweeping, cleaning) to defer some of the cost.
Good luck.

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would an I beam work

Depends on the beam. You may want to try a scrap yard and find an old piece of rail road track or maybe a forklift fork.

I have been using both for a while until I can find a proper anvil.

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A large sledgehammer head will work well. I started out with a 55lb harbor freight anvil and it worked well for quite a while.

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