Length of time to melt a gold engagement ring?

I’m writing a novel and my character is needing a blacksmith (all she has handy at the moment) to melt her 3-4 gram gold engagement ring. How long would that take to melt it and have it cool enough to form a nugget to hand back to her in a piece of cloth? Thanks in advance!

That depends on a few factors, a blacksmith may not have a crucible for smelting.

If I had to make a small crucible out of graphite and melt the ring it might take 2hours give or take.

Just to melt down the ring in a crucible with a torch can take just a few min. To maybe 20 min.

Thank you!

This is in the Middle Ages, and since I’m writing the story, I can make the blacksmith have a crucible :slight_smile: If he does, how long would that take with a crucible and a standard medieval forge?

In a working forge with the forge already hot I’d say no more than an hour start to finish.

Thank you!

Less then a hour to melt a ring in forge , because the temperature of forge is quite high so not take time to get melt `

What’s the book called? assuming you had it published

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Hmm, I would love to check out this book as well. :slight_smile:

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