Leg Vise tool rack!

I made a quick tool rack around my leg vise this weekend. It freed up my other tool rack… which was severely needed to be “retired” (aka, cut down).

What I did to make it was just take some measurements around the vise, give enough room for a two inch gap between some 3/8" bar and the vise, and then welded it on. Pretty easily done, I’d say it took me about 30 minutes all said and done.

I am really happy with it and I think it adds a lot of character to a once lonely vise.



Very nice! I’ve been a carpenter for years and a woodturner most of that, but there is something about a full rack of smith’s tools that just has that extra something…I don’t know if it’s the shear number, or the controlled chaos, but they sure look good!

looks great :slight_smile: yeah you cant beat a full tool rack! and all close to hand :wink:

Hey Grant,
i like it! If you would, what did use for post on the box vise? I bought a used beast of one, 126 lbs, 7’ wide jaws out of Canada. I don’t want to mount to my welding bench if possible. It has the standard 4 bolt mounting ear. Freestanding will work better in my limited space shop.

Hey @63steward, I belive it’s a 1/4" thick piece of 5" round pipe. I purchased this already mounted at an auction - it’s dang heavy and doesn’t ring so I’m guessing they filled the pipe cavity with sand.

The post is welded to a 1/2" thick round place that measures about 36".

I wouldn’t put it on your welding bench - I find myself coming at the steel from all angles when I put it in the vise, putting it on a welding bench would reduce the angles that you could get at it. Plus, like you said, free standing you can shove away :slight_smile:

Hi Grant,
I had the very same thought, I already have a bench vise and bench grinder on two corners of my 4’ x 8’ steel table. Even those can be in the way. Also figured I’d want to get to this leg vice from all sides.
Thanks! Hopefully someone will have some advice on my “how to” query on an LNG forge setup. I appreciate you taking the time and moderating the forum.

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