Left right vice alignment

I have two different vices and both have the same problem, the side by side alignment. I can push the two sides into alignment but they don’t naturally want to align. I came across this photo on tumblr and thought I might give this a try. It looks like two plates are added to the bottom of the vice that would force the left right alignment of the jaws. What do you guys think? Has anyone tried this?

I think it will align the jaws, but I find myself wanting a solution that won’t be abrasive to the vise parts…maybe bolt two runners of high molecular weight plastic or even wood as a wear strip onto the plates. Or just be less uptight than I am!

Seems like it would work! Pretty good idea too. Is there play on the vise jaws left to right or are they always out of alignment?

I wonder if it would be as simple as just heating up the bracket, bending it a bit with the vise jaw in there while moving it up and down as well to make sure it doesn’t get pinched. Would be easy with the screw off and the spring out.

Might could make a sliding male female that is held on by u bolts or the like too

Interesting idea, Maybe I could make something that would attach to the existing ubolt. I’m attaching a few photos of the vice that shows the problem. In the photo of the jaws they are actually lined up fairly close but thy can get as much as 1/2" out of alignment. Just allot of slop with the bolt below that allows the movement.

Ah, I see make the female or the fork side and let the outer " arm " of the vise be the Male counterpart…

It’s nice that yours is more straight sided and not chamfered.

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